Friday, August 29, 2008

Update from a call with Leadership and Assembly Delegates

Thanks to Dan Keeney, APR, Assembly Delegate for his report/update!

This year’s assembly will be focused on the future, and will be looking at issues beyond PRSA and the impact on the profession overall.

* National is introducing a think tank concept that may impact how assemblies in the future operate – giving the delegates an opportunity to actually shape the strategy of the organization (rather than handling relatively mundane matters that frankly don’t require people to travel from across the country to vote).

* This year the delegates will be shaping what the “think tank” concept might look like and how it would operate on a going forward basis. There seems to be some momentum toward developing a code of professional standards – distinguished from the code of ethics because there is recognition that ethical behavior may nonetheless reflect poorly on the practice of PR.

* The example of a “professional standard” given was billing practices, best practices in media pitching and how to engage bloggers. Basically best practices aimed at diminishing criticism of PR.

Stay tuned. More information coming soon as we get closer to the October National Conference and the National Assembly.

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